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    Wheel Configuration

    Technical data


    0,5 - 5 m/min

    19.7 - 197 "/min

    Minimum workable Size

    400xH100 mm

    15.7xH3.9 "

    Maximum workable size

    2.600 mm

    102.3 "

    Workable Glass Thickness

    3 - 25 mm opt. 3 - 40 mm

    1/8 - 1 " opt. 1/8 - 1.6 "

    Installed Power

    23 kw

    23 kw


    8.670x2.570 xH3.590 mm

    341.3x101.14 xH141.3 "

    Max Glass Load (on the conveyor)

    500 Kg opt. 800 Kg

    1,102 lbs opt. 1,764 lbs

    Max Glass Load (total)






    Everything you need to know about CT series

    How flexible and modular are they?

    - Option to be integrated in all grinding, drilling and milling lines as well as CNC machines

    - Brushes available for Low-E glass too

    - High efficiency soundproofing

    - Functions facilitating energy saving included

    Which are the processing control tools?

    - Touch screen operator panel

    - Black panel with inspection lights

    - Glass anti-chute sensor

    - Inlet/outlet conveyors independent drive means

    - Independent adjustment of the speed of the front brushes

    Which components of the machine allow achieving high performance?

    - Soundproofed high-pressure fan

    - Varying the conveyor speed by means of an inverter

    - Ultrasonic sensor for automatically detecting the incoming glass thickness

    How can I achieve higher quality?

    - Hot water for pre-washing, first washing or rinsing section (UL/CSA version too)

    - The machine body and all parts exposed to contact with water are made of stainless steel or stainless material (no painted part) - AISI 316 stainless steel also available upon request

    - Separate pre-washing section

    - Pumps suitable for distilled water