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    Wheel Configuration


    mola cerio tazza


    mola lucidante tazza


    mola lucidante tazza


    mola lucidante tazza


    mola lucidante filetto


    mola diamantata filetto


    mola lucidante filetto


    mola diamantata filetto


    mola diamantata tazza


    mola diamantata tazza


    mola diamantata tazza

    Technical data


    0,3 - 5 m/min

    12 - 197 “/min

    Minimum workable size

    H35/50 mm

    H1.4/2 “

    Dimensioni massime lavorabili



    Workable glass thickness

    3 - 30 mm opt. 3 - 35 mm

    1/8 - 1.2 “ opt. 1/8 - 1.4 “

    Installed Power

    22 kw

    22 kw


    7.970x1.600 xH3.100 mm

    313.7x62.2 xH122 “

    Max Glass Load (on the conveyor)

    800 Kg - 250 Kg/m

    1,763 lbs - 14 lbs/”

    Max Glass Load (total)

    1.600 Kg

    3,527 lbs

    Everything you need to know about PETRA series

    How flexible and modular are they?

    - Possibility to mount a resin wheel spindle

    - Possibility to integrate the OT 300 washing machine model

    Which are the processing control tools?

    - Electric board integrated in the control panel

    - Motor current absorption ammeter

    - Removal adjustment on the inlet conveyor

    - Machine’s data and maintenance panel

    Which components of the machine allow achieving high performance?

    - Conveyor without bearing, consisting of pads of a special material, fixed on precision chains

    - Mechanical system for adjusting the opening of the conveyor

    - Variation of the conveyor speed by means of the inverter

    - Automatic lubrication of all rotating parts

    How can I achieve higher quality?

    - Liquid cerium oxide for greater processing quality

    - Lattuada spindles: a unique solution that guarantees low vibrations, robustness and limits maintenance for supreme quality