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Ease of use, long life,
high quality workmanship, limited maintenance

Our point of pride is then the ability to know how to customize
at most all of our models, to adapt them
to different customer requests


from the Lattuada world


a choice that gives you more

automation and interconnection
for a truly integrated industrial production

A-WR system
Automatic machines
Robotic solution
Service AR
(Augmented reality)

from words to results.

An approach that deeply changes the production process by
implementing enabling technologies: a leap you can already take
into the future through Adelio Lattuada products.

Lattuada on video

a perfect synergy with technology

solutions for automating activities and increasing production flexibility

Lucidacoste verticali (petrA)

petrA di Adelio Lattuada: linea di lucidacoste verticali dedicata alla lavorazione di pietra, materiali ceramici e compositi.

Lattuada + Knittel full automatic robotic line

Brand new Lattuada+Knittel line: fully automatic and robotized, consisting of 3 robots, 2 straight-line edging machines and 1 vertical washing machine.

A-WR System 3.0

Automatic wheels presetting system and tools wear recovery.
Sistema automatico azzeramento mole e compensazione usura.


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